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Spring Cleaning

Ahhhhh, spring. Time to open the windows, air out the house and … do some deep spring cleaning. I know, you thought I was going to say get out the bikes, or the tennis rackets, or the golf clubs.

But wouldn’t it be great to clear out those dust bunnies, do a bit of organizing, and actually be able to get to those things without climbing over mountains of clutter and dirt?

The secret to spring cleaning is to get the whole family involved. Break the tasks down into manageable parts, fix a time and then assign everyone tasks that suit their age and ability.

Follow these steps and you’ll be done in no time

1. Make a schedule

List all of the spring cleaning tasks inside and outside the house that need doing. Then post the list on the fridge or in some central location so everyone can check off each task as it’s done. Here’s a partial list to get you started (feel free to add to it):


  • Clean windows
  • Dust and clean tops of cabinets and electric appliances
  • Steam-clean carpets
  • Launder winter bedding and blankets before storing


  • Deep clean all appliances inside and out
  • Clean behind and under refrigerator
  • Thoroughly clean inside cupboards and refrigerator
  • Discard outdated food items from your pantry and freezer
  • Discard pots, pans and utensils that are seldom or never used
  • Clear all flat surfaces
  • Thoroughly clean the black hole under the sink


  • Discard clothes that you no longer love, wear or look great in
  • Donate unwanted items to your favorite charity
  • Arrange like items together in your closet
  • Color co-ordinate your clothing so you can easily see what you have
  • Store away winter clothes
  • Replenish cedar blocks or mothballs to protect from moths and insects


  • Clean outside of windows
  • Do a quick maintenance check on your lawnmower and other gardening equipment stored in your garage
  • Reseed and fertilize your lawn
  • Check your garden hoses

2. Assemble your supplies

Use your list to figure out what cleaning supplies you’re going to need, and make sure you have ample amounts of those supplies. Make sure you also have enough sponges, cleaning cloths and scrub brushes.

3. Start at the top

Avoid having to retouch floors and furniture by cleaning each room from top to bottom. Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures first, then any furniture. Save the floors for last.

4. Divide and conquer

Don’t start a new task until you’ve completely finished your last task. Do your cleaning and organizing one room at a time. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and have a greater sense of accomplishment as you finish each room.

5. Look at your things objectively

Are your closets and storage spaces crammed with “just in case” items? You know, things that never see the light of day, but for some reason we keep around. Unless something holds true sentimental value, if you don’t use it… lose it.

6. Have a clean house party

Have a family celebration – a special meal, outing, or day trip – to mark the beginning of spring and the completion of spring cleaning.

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