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Reduce Holiday Stress

Here it is only October and you’re already thinking about ways to reduce holiday stress. The kids are back in school, you’ve become the main chauffeur (yet again), and you’re wondering how you’re going to get everything done – and on time, no less!

For many, the first signs of holiday stress occur around Halloween, when stores bring out their Christmas decorations and candies. You feel the clock ticking and higher expectations place even more pressure on us to accomplish our goals, which often sets us up for failure and disappointment.

Following are 7 tips to help you get through the holidays:

  1. Set a holiday budget. Shop early; shop on the Internet; and consider giving the gift of your time and service.

  2. Make lists. Write down everything you need to do and be sure to cross things off your list as you accomplish them.

  3. Simplify your entertaining. Cook and freeze foods ahead of time. Have a potluck and ask others to bring their favorite dish.

  4. Evaluate family get-togethers. Be flexible and willing to let go of ideas of the way things “should be.” Time together is what matters.

  5. Manage your time. Pick and chose what you want to do rather than what you think others expect you to do.

  6. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat regular meals, and don’t abandon your exercise routine.

  7. Consider past holidays. As a family, consider the traditions and rituals that you practice. It’s okay to re-evaluate past traditions and let go of the ones that don’t mean as much to your family.

The holidays really aren’t about elaborate decorations, lavish entertaining, and seeing how many parties you can squeeze into a 3-week time period. They’re about getting together and enjoying time with family members and friends. When you reduce holiday stress, not only will you have more fun, but everyone around you will, too.

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