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How to Organize Office Files

Why should you consider hiring a professional organizer to teach you how to organize office files?

For starters, business creates more than 30 billion documents per year – how many are on your desktop, or floor, or bookshelves, or windowsill?

Do you feel like you're drowning in paper and there's no end in sight?

File, Don't Pile

help learning how to organize office files in SacramentoFirst, you need a single place to store incoming documents. This can be a letter tray, a file folder, a basket, or even a box.

If it's all in one spot rather than spread out all over your desk or office, you stand a much better chance of dealing with it when you're ready to make decisions and take action.

Think F-A-T

There are only 3 things you need to do with paper:

  • File it
  • Act on it
  • Toss it

Act On It

I always provide a red file folder to my clients, whether I'm working in their home office or their workplace office. This is the ACTION file for anything that involves an action on your part.

If your ACTION file gets too bulky, you may want to break it down into additional categories:

  • Bills to Pay (and then pay them on a regular schedule: i.e., 15th & 30th of the month)

  • Articles to Read (tear out the articles rather than keeping the entire magazine)

  • Phone Calls to Make (make a quick notation on why you need to make the phone call)
Don't assume that you have to do everything just because someone asked. Make deliberate choices, and recycle anything that isn't part of your plan for how you want to spend your life.

File It

home office organization with filiing cabinetsAnother file folder should be labeled FILING. I've met very few people who truly enjoy filing. So after you’ve paid your bills, note on the bill:

  • the date you paid it
  • how you paid it (on-line, by check, by phone)
  • if applicable, the check number

If you’ve made a phone call, note the date, what was said and the outcome. Then place the papers in the FILING folder (be sure to get rid of the outside envelopes!) and file paperwork at least once a week.

Read my easy-to-follow steps for learning how to organize office files - including tax files - and set up your own functional filing system.

Toss It

TOSS out the obvious junk mail immediately. A significant amount of mail is bulk mail in the form of advertisements or solicitations. That information or paper is going to come again whether you want it or not.

Don't hoard information because you “might need it someday.” Keep only what you know you're going to use for a specific purpose.

Get A Shredder

Identity theft is too prevalent to ignore. Invest in a good paper shredder and be sure to shred anything with your personal information on it, even if it's just your name and address.

I've worked with clients who have fallen victim to identity theft and it can take an enormous amount of time and energy to correct! Not sure whether to "Save or Shred?" I can ask the hard questions and help you determine the best answer to that question.

Think Systems

Bozeman professional organizer helps with your home office organization needsI provide paper and mail management and set up systems that are specific to you. I teach you how to organize office files by creating and renewing filing systems and paper reduction. Together we organize, sort, categorize, label and containerize your items so everything will have a place and be right where you can find it when needed.

Archive your files on an annual basis. No matter how big your file cabinet is, it's still a finite amount of space. You'll be more likely to maintain your filing system if papers aren't crammed in there.

After working for over 30 years in the secretarial field, I'm very good at teaching you how to organize office files by setting up a successful filing system for the home office or work office space.

How much is your time worth? How about your peace of mind? Reduce your stress level and let me help you get those papers organized.

As a professional organizer, I'm here to help you regain control and tame the paper beast!

Learn How to Organize Office Files
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