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Garage Safety Tips

Safety is especially important in a garage. Pay close attention to the following list of garage safety tips. They could save you a lot of grief later on!

  • Store gasoline and other flammables in tight metal containers away from heat sources in your garage. Do not store anything near your furnace or heater.

  • Store lighter-weight items on upper shelves and heavier items closer to ground level to avoid potential breakage or injury when retrieving them.

  • Check heating equipment and clean it yearly.

  • Make sure your garage has adequate lighting.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit easily accessible.

  • Never store oily rags; they can spontaneously combust and burn the whole shebang down.

  • Inspect and test the garage door regularly. If it's automatic, verify that security features such as the infrared beam are properly aligned and that it reverses when something blocks the beam.

  • NEVER pour hazardous materials down the drain.

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