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Steps to Declutter Kids Rooms

Here are additional steps to declutter kids rooms when you want to help your child clean up their room and keep it clean!

declutter kids rooms with containers1. Contain, Corral and Control
Contain toys and other belongings before you store.

For example, put “like toys” together and use plastic shoebox containers for small toys (Barbie clothes or Matchbox cars), larger lidded bins for blocks or trucks and cars.

Use specialty organizers for magazines, comic books, video games, CD's and cassette tapes.

Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer on the main door to the room or hidden behind a hinged closet door, and keep small items in their own see-through plastic pockets so kids can easily find what they want.

Teach your kids to play with no more than one or two containers of toys at a time. Clean up will be a lot easier.

bookshelves help to declutter kids rooms2. Organize From the Bottom Up
Whenever you declutter kids rooms, keep toys and belongings used most often on lower shelves, in lower drawers, or on the floor.

Higher levels are for less frequently used items or items that you believe need adult supervision.

Use an under-the-bed storage bin that's long and flat to hold things your child likes to play with.

3. Label Everything
Use a computer printer to make simple graphic labels for young children. Pictures of socks, shirts, dolls or blocks help remind the child where these items belong.

Enhance reading skills for older children by using large-type work labels. Playing “match the label” can be fun – and turns toy pickup into a game.

closet organizers help declutter kids rooms4. Recycle
Let's face it. Friends and relatives can easily sabotage your best efforts. Storing some of those Christmas or birthday toys and bringing them out later will give your child something to look forward to at another time.

Go through your child's toys with them at least once a year to cull out the ones they're no longer playing with.

Donate them to a charity or sell them at your next rummage sale and let your kids keep the profits. This will help encourage them to part with more stuff.

5. Maintenance is Everything
Every night, as part of the bedtime ritual, make sure your child puts away all of their toys, books and clothes where they belong.

Since everything in their bedroom now has a home of its own, this will be a lot easier for them to accomplish.

A tip for you: There are no ironclad rights or wrongs when you declutter kids rooms. Be sensitive to your child's likes and dislikes, and be patient while new habits are being formed.

In the meantime, take a look at your own room. A good model is worth a dozen lectures.

Plan on repeating this process regularly. What can you do to make it fun so they'll look forward to the next time? Perhaps a trip to Goodwill, followed by the ice cream store.

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