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Closet Clutter Got You Down?

closet clutter control in simple stepsGot a problem with closet clutter? Do you walk in there and get depressed instead of dressed?

The closet is one of the least respected areas in the house.

It's often stuffed from floor to ceiling with clothes, shoes, hangers, suitcases, magazines, bed linens, towels (and who knows what else!).

Let's face it - keeping the door closed just isn't an effective solution.

The Joys of "Everything In Its Place"

Knowing exactly what's there and where everything is will cut down on the time you spend in there getting ready for the day.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you clear out closet clutter.

1. Make Sure You Have Good Hangers.

Get rid of those wire hangers! They're weak, stick up in the air, and they damage your clothing. Some dry cleaners will take them back and recycle them.

Get the sturdy, clear plastic ones that slope down on the ends so you won't end up with “shoulder nipples” on your shirts or blouses. They can be obtained at stores like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. And they won't take up a lot of room.

While you're at the store, also pick up a few sturdy skirt hangers and wooden pants hangers. Vertical skirt hangers with clips that hold 5 to 6 skirts on one hanger are a great choice. Also check out expandable or over-the-door shoe racks and a tie rack if you wear ties.

2. Clear It Out.

Yes, I really do mean you need to pull out everything that's currently in there. And while you're doing that, keep in mind that most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time; the rest is contributing to closet clutter.


Remember the old saying, "Less is more." You'll save an enormous amount of time, money and stress by thinning out your huge wardrobe.

To see which clothes you're wearing, turn all of your hangers the opposite direction on the rods (so the hook is facing the wrong way). Every time you wear something, turn the hanger back around the "right" way.

elk grove organizer Ann Nagel will help you clear closet clutterAfter six months, donate the clothes hanging on the hangers that you haven't turned around. You're not wearing them anyway and they're taking up valuable space in your closet.

As you're going through this process, leave about 20-30% of your closet clear since you'll often find other items that you want to put in there.

3. Try Everything On.

Most women hate to hear this but it's an absolute "must."

In order to decide what we like and what fits, we have to try it on. Something may have fit you last year but it doesn't fit you now, or we may find out that we just don't like it anymore.

Now that you've cleared the closet clutter, click here to find out what to do with all the clothes that are left.

Keeping items because they cost "good money" is actually costing you more in wasted time, space and frustration. Clear them out of your closet and your mind.

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