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Back-to-School Organizing Tips

Once school starts up again, chaos often descends. Here are 8 back-to-school organizing tips to help you AND your kids survive the re-entry into the school year.

  1. Check Out Those Clothes – Go through your kid's rooms - including the closet and dresser drawers to see what fits and what doesn't. Have a large trash bag handy for anything you want to donate.

  2. Mark the Stuff – Put your child's name on the back of everything.

  3. Shop for School Supplies – Have your kids make a list of what they think they need for school and then check it together against what they already have. How many pencils does one kid really need?

  4. File System for School Papers – Get a 3-tiered wire basket:

    Top - Papers to be signed by Mom (or Dad) – and they have to be in there by bedtime or they don't get signed!

    Middle – Important stuff Mom needs (PTA information, fundraisers, school policies, etc.)

    Bottom – Art and Awards. And think twice about keeping every single school paper (spelling quizzes, math tests, school reports, artwork, etc.). Go through them once a month with your kids and pick out “the very best” only. Otherwise you'll be drowning in papers before the end of the school year!

  5. Preplanning – Get as much as possible done the night before. Make lunches, lay out clothes to be worn the next day, check that homework assignments are done and put into backpacks ready to be taken back to school.

  6. Photocopy Parental Release Forms – This way you don't have to look up address and phone numbers of the doctor, dentist, hospital, family friend to call in case of emergency, etc. Do it once and file photocopies for the next year.

  7. Notes from Home – Pre-mark envelopes with your child's name and grade on it. Use them for lunch money, permission slips, notes to the teacher, etc.

  8. Create a Homework Station – Designate a specific place where your kids can do their homework. Organize craft or homework supplies so they're easy to locate and easy to replenish.
Brainstorm with your kids and come up with more back-to-school organizing tips together.

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